Japanese massage frontier
Do I really have?
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Massage for women only

Say massage erotic soon or I would imagine better.

No, aren’t you?

Normally, aren’t you?

Absolute, aren’t you?

Does not come that happened at my company.

Over the unsettled affairs processing and 23: 00.

Has left senior men’s 34-year-old, and I am 33 years old and 27-year-old bachelor girl three.

Slowly girl ‘-tired.

Massage is done and go home! “We reacted quickly to the word men’s two.

massage? 」

Yes, Yes,

See Eloy guy? 」

“What… What are you talking about? 」

‘ Said no, massage erotic not and whether you go to him…. “

“Do you mean? Women’s erotic not to massage me!? 」


‘ As opposed to seniors! 」

“No, even I who do this line or not! 」

‘ Of course! 」

‘ Again!-and erotic not massage is not I wanted to go? 」


‘ But it seems is Eloy massage for women! 」

And boy rebutting in the women’s singles, was surprised two people.

‘ Nay, it AV world, right? like a japanesemassage

‘ I’m different, it seems to be really is! 」

From core is followed, but I got into the story next time…